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Close circle classes

Amiable group circles of two to three participants.

Come join us in our charming studio Meilen.
Enjoy the flow of the body combined with the seasons of nature.

The space with doors open surrounded by green and the summer breeze entering in.
During the winter months with heated floors and Crystal lights.

All props provided by Dadimuqin


Dadimuqin uniquely combines ancient philosophies and contemporary movement systems into one.


The circular way embeds the wisdom of Daoism

the body, the earth, and QI ¨energy¨, as part of nature and the universe.


Opening up through expansion techniques within the body feeling space for breath,

towards a natural calm and balanced healthy mind and body.

Releasing from blockages and behavior patterns, balancing tightness, and transforming letting go into flow.

CHF 35.00


Take a glance and join the circle for a single

ONE CYCLE (one month)

THREE CYCLES (3 months)


With a existing running service

10% Earth kind shop

10% One on Ones and Online Services

Inspired and influenced

Pure flow for life.

An abundant way of awareness, away from trying to be perfect.


More moments of freedom, fewer routines, or feeling cut off, connecting to be and breathe, creating the natural space you need.


Being open for flow with the soul through expansion within the body.


Natasha’s teaching technique is unique and works on different levels. She reaches an intuitive layer of moving the body, with a broad repertoire, Endlessly versatile and creative, a mind with visionary explanations.


Diverse Designer | Mindful mover

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On your call

Close circle classes

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