It was having my daughter that made me want a simpler, more sustainable life.


A way of living that was about less waste and saying no to throwaway culture.

A zero waste lifestyle is about saving money and also

saving the planet.

It all started from this pivotal moment of parenthood. From that first moment holding her in my arms

it changed everything for me.


Motherhood is where it began.


The name Dadimuqin originates from Muqin the Chinese word for mother and Dadi which translates as Grandmother.

It’s about history and legacy, learning from our ancestors and changing tomorrow for our children. The full phrase Dadimuqin literally translates as

Mother Earth.

This is the essence of all that we believe, prioritising the planet, respecting the environment.





Everything we create is handmade – hand carved wood and hand sewn pieces,

from my little rooftop studio in my home overlooking the lake.

We work tirelessly and passionately to create products that meet a need but are simultaneously kind to the planet. Products to help people

use less but appreciate more.

Made with our hands and with every inch of our hearts poured into what we do,

we believe in eliminating waste and

walking the walk,

practicing what we preach and living sustainably.


We understand that every day is an opportunity for Dadimuqin

to make a difference.