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Dimu Logo

Our signature product is Dimu.

Designed to keep either make- up removal pads or muslin cloths, this pouch has been designed so that you can quickly access cloths and pads on the go then once used, conceal them in the bottom section, separated from the other cloths and ready to wash once you get home.

Each has an integral Terra tie that is both organic and biodegradable.

The rubber band can be used as an emergency hairband or better still, it can have essential oils added to it as a tonic for daily living.

Change your oil according to whether you want to feel calm and grounded or energised and uplifted and when adding the band to your Dimu it makes everything smell divine.

The pouch is extremely versatile and can be used however you choose from storing clean and dirty underwear to make-up pads, muslin cloths and more.


When removing the band it transforms into a multi-purpose pouch.


So many uses, making it an everyday essential.

Pachamama shopper

The super efficient Pachamama is compactable, unfoldable and pretty incredible if we do say so ourselves.

Available in small, medium or large and ideal for zero waste shopping, all you need to do is unfold and fill it with your goods. The weight is stitched onto the bag making it easy to deduct it when you pay for your shopping.

What makes it particularly special is it is self-standing, so it can be used to keep snacks in etc and won’t collapse when you remove your hands.

This makes it multi-purpose and very versatile. Once you’ve finished using, it folds down again, taking up minimal space yet offering maximum efficiency.

A sustainable option for your shopping.

Houtu Logo

Our hand crafted wooden tissue box means no more disposing and discarding boxes.
Although you can recycle a traditional tissue box, it makes more sense to have one that doesn’t need changing or recycling – less waste and it’s crafted from wood, which is beautiful to look at as well as better for the planet.

Created from offcut wood, our Houtu tissue box offers style and sustainability in one.

Terra hair ties Logo
Gaia hairbands Logo

We offer beautiful hairbands made from reconnected and recycled fabrics that each have a unique beauty.


We also offer hair ties – you can infuse the band with essentialoil to ensure your hair is smelling lovely or wrap around your wrist for a daily dose of wellness.


Change your oil according to whether you want to feel calm and grounded or energised and uplifted.

The beads in these hair ties help prevent tangles and avoid any damage to the hair as is common with traditional hair ties.


Each hair tie and hairband is handmade with entirely natural materials.

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Nuwa Logo
Honua Logo

Our make-up pads are made from recycled cotton towels, with super soft muslin cloth on one side and a towel on the other.

Available in a variety of designs, they are kind to your skin and kind to the planet.

We also sell reusable tissues, our Nüwa are created from recycled textiles or new fabrics which are offcuts or stock remains and are completely reusable, super soft and sustainable.

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