¨Everything is Connected¨ 

Vandana Shiva

Sustainability is such an overused term

and I feel that although it’s at the core of our brand,

it’s become a throwaway phrase, used from a place of marketing

rather than truth.

We decided to name what we do as Circularity – the circular process

of using and re-using, re-thinking and recycling, giving and taking.


Buying new is a mindset that commercial marketing campaigns

have designed and embedded for decades, encouraging debt and consumer culture, with a buy-and-dispose attitude

to fuel the economy at the cost of

the environment.


For us it is about reversing this, nurturing Mother Nature

and giving back to the planet – living sustainably and cyclically.

Our ethos is about zero waste.

Re-using fabrics and using renewable raw materials and zero plastic.

We believe in less shopping, less spending and reducing waste.

Severing our obsession with consumerism and

celebrating what we already have.


In my story I have shared about my daughter and
how we are changing the world
for the children that come after us.

This is the parental pledge, our gift
to future generations:






Reconnecting to Mother Earth and regaining the balance of giving and taking.

For us it’s not about profit, it’s about progress – creating products that have been consciously crafted that do not compromise our planet.

This is the Dadimuqin promise


     The Dadimuqin Difference

  • All of our products are made by hand in Meilen, Switzerland 


  • Authentically sustainable, not just a badge for PR purposes, this is our passion


  • Unique designs including custom made orders 


  • All products made from waste materials (off cut textiles from local fashion designers, designers, repurposed materials from local secondhand stores and reclaimed wood)


  • All display and package materials are handmade and from waste materials or renewable sources – no glue, no print ink, no waste


  • Because the recycled towels we use have been washed so many times,               they are more likely to be free from production waste such as bleach and other substances. We also use unisapon for 100% natural washing



  • Our packaging is created from grass cardboard and is 100% recycled product from renewable raw materials (50% grass and 50% mixed recycled paper, pressed and not glued with a neutral PH of 7.0 and not a single tree cut for it