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Seamless, sustainable, super soft and reusable

For no waste, choose Nüwa


Created from recycled fabrics, our reusable tissues save the process of paper tissue production

and plastic waste. Think how many times you use tissue? For spills, dirty hands, runny noses,

to clean food or fingers, for sneezes and sniffles.


Our reusable tissues are kinder to the skin, made from super soft Muslin fabric and seamless so they are ultra sensitive. They are also kinder to the environment, reducing our throwaway ethos and reeducating on the importance of recycling and reusing.


Simply wash with your laundry for fresh zero waste tissues, ready to take with you.

Want to ensure high hygiene? Check out our Dimu dispenser pouch which separates the clean from the dirty and the wet from the dry.



Dadimuqin is all about doing things your way and making a difference, so we encourage you to make Nüwa your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.


  • Super soft Muslin material, choose from new fabric stock remains and offcuts or recycled fabrics


  • Available in different sizes for small everyday moments or bigger spills and occasions


  • Seamless, corner-less and edge-free, perfect for sensitive skin


The nature of our products means that each one is unique and fabrics depend on what is available at each time. 


Choose size: S / M

Nüwa reusable tissues

  • ❒ Small 20 cm x 20 cm

    ❒ Medium 40 cm x 40 cm