Greek Earth Goddess


Hairbands for wild-hearted souls

To unleash your inner Goddess, choose Gaia


Bohemian, beautiful and sustainable, our Gaia hairbands are each entirely unique.

Inspired by the precious imperfections of nature, we’ve made these a little wild, intentionally frayed and free.

Our nod to the authentic beauty of nature.


Combining fabrics with and without stretch, the hairband holds and stretches where needed, providing a balance of security for flyaway fringes but also freedom and flower crown style vibes.


Each hairband is handmade using reconnected offcuts that have been sewn together and crocheted into a hairband.

Whether you use it to keep your hair out of your way while

going about your day or to keep your face clear for your evening skincare routine, or simply for an everyday bohemian look,

Gaia is your girl.


Wrap it around your hair, add flowers in summer and foliage in spring, make it fun for the children and honour your inner Gaia. This is what we made it for – the Goddess in every girl.


A sustainable hairband for wild-hearted souls.



Dadimuqin is all about doing things your way and making a difference, so we encourage you to make Gaia your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.


  • Suitable for adults and children alike


  • Combination of fabrics so you can vary which side of the hairband fits to your style of the day


  • Add flowers to bring nature into your everyday look



The nature of our products means that each one is unique and fabrics depend on what is available at each time.


Choose size: S / M / L

Gaia Hairband

  • ❍ Small 44cm

    ❍ Medium 52cm

    ❍ Large 60cm