Terra Hair Ties

Roman Earth Goddess



Hair ties that are gentle to wear and kinder for hair

To put the tie into sustainable, choose Terra


Beautiful, natural and biodegradable, our Terra hair ties are made from entirely natural materials, caoutchouc and cotton. The wooden beads in our ties help prevent tangles and avoid the damage to the hair that is common with traditional hair ties.


Our special Terra twist is that you can infuse the band with essential oils, either leaving your hair smelling wonderful or tied around your wrist for a daily dose of wellness. We wanted to design a tie that is grounding and honours the earth, being able to add essential oils really infuses a sense of calming energy into everyday. 


Initially designed as part of our Dimu pouch, it became apparent to us that the Terra Tie was a secret star of the show and deserved her very own spotlight as a product in her own right. Whether you purchase as a spare for your Dimu or stand-alone by itself, we think you’ll be hard pushed to find a tie that is as special and sustainable as this one.


Each hair tie is hand filled with natural, organic offcuts from our Nuwa tissues, that are reused into the design. Choose the corresponding size according to your Dimu or simply order for your hairstyle. You can also purchase for children and these have been EU certified meaning that you can totally twin in your Terra Ties across the generations.



Dadimuqin is all about doing things your way and making a difference, so we encourage you to make Terra your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.


  • Suitable for adults and children alike – EU certified toy standard EN 71-3 EN 1-12


  • Wooden beads help reduce tangles and keep hair healthy and strong


  • Add oil to the band for beautiful scent, in your hair or around your wrist



The nature of our products means that each one is unique and fabrics depend on what is available at each time. 


Choose size: S / M/ L / XL

Terra Hair tie

  • Ø Small 9cm

    Ø Medium 12cm

    Ø Large 15cm

    Ø XLarge 18cm