Meaning; Mother Earth


A multipurpose pouch for at home or on the go. 

Choose Dimu over disposable


Innovative, eco-friendly, reusable and versatile, our Dimu Pouch was our first ever product. A great place to begin on your zero waste journey, the Dimu Pouch has dual chambers separating the dirty from the clean. 


The pouch is multipurpose but is predominantly used by Dadimuqin customers for reusable makeup removal pads, tissues/handkerchiefs, underwear or muslin cloths for mamas. 


The pouch contains a secret chamber to store the items you’ve used, keeping the pouch hygienic and compartmentalised. This means the dirty section is ready to go in the wash, without touching the clean compartment next door. You don’t even need to remove them from the pouch.


But the real hero is our Terra rubber band. It’s the band that makes the Dimu design work and when combined with a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil it scents everything. Smelling good as well as doing good. The Terra band also doubles up as an emergency hairband. 


The bottom has two secret pockets, ideal for storage for a special something such as a sentimental piece of jewellery, your hair tie or even just your shopping list. 

Dimu is all about doing things your way, so we encourage you to make it your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.


  • The Dimu Pouch tissues and pads are all made from upcycled fabrics and textile offcuts from local designers


  • All pads and tissues are washed with eco friendly detergent


  • Beads are created from wood



The nature of our products means that each one is unique and fabrics depend on what is available at each time. 


Choose size: S / M / L


With: Pads / Tissues / Pouch Only

Dimu Pouch

  • Ø Small 8 cm

    Ø Medium 10,5 cm

    Ø Large 14,5 cm

  • 40°- 60°