Meaning: Earth   


Recycled, reusable and reversable

For sustainable and synthetic free, choose Honua



Created from recycled towels, our reusable pads are free from anything synthetic or chemical, keeping not just your face clean and clear but waterways also. Double sided and available in a multitude of sizes, whether you want to introduce a sustainable alternative to your skincare routine, use for the eyes only, a full facial cleanse or a scrub in the shower, we have a size to suit every situation.


Originating from a comment from a customer about the inconvenience of square flannels, we craft each Honua in a round shape, perfect for facial cleansing. We’ve gone on to refine our intuitive design, offering different sizes and Muslin on one side for sensitive skin. 



We even include an extra holder so that it is less likely to slip out of your hand in the shower and a removable hook to hang it up to dry after using.  Want to ensure high hygiene? Check out our Dimu dispenser pouch which separates the clean from the dirty and the wet from the dry.



Dadimuqin is all about doing things your way and making a difference, so we encourage you to make Honua your own and adapt it to your lifestyle.



  • Super soft Muslin fabric on one side for sensitive skin


  • Available in different sizes for everything from eye make-up removal to a full body wash

      choose the size for your lifestyle


  • Crafted from recycled towel, free from chemicals and synthetics


The nature of our products means that each one is unique and fabrics depend on what is available at each time. 


Choose size: Mini / Small / Medium / Large

Honua Reusable Make-Up Pads

  • Ø Mini 60mm

    Ø Small 75mm

    Ø Medium 10cm

    Ø Large 15cm 

  • 40° - 60°